Universal Edition - Cerha: New piano piece

2011-10-29 15:06

Cerha: New piano piece

Wien Modern

“I first played music by Morton Feldman in 1959 with David Tudor; what fascinated me most about Feldman was his sensitive, gentle way of handling pitches. I found that again in Marino Formenti’s love of the meditative side of this music; in November 2010 I wrote a piece for him which might also be seen as an homage to Feldman.

The world it depicts – introverted, sensitive and focused on itself alone – is disrupted again and again by hectic, brutal events; this reflects the need I have to avoid absolutising that world and to refrain from celebrating mere submersion.”
(Friedrich Cerha)

World première For Marino: 29.10.2011
Konzerthaus Vienna
Marino Formenti, piano

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