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2013-09-10 12:05

Darkness Audible

St Nicholas Church, Dundalk

Georg Friedrich Haas (c) Philippe Gontier “In iij. Noct., Georg Friedrich Haas’ third string quartet, will be performed for the first time in Ireland by the EQ Ensemble on 20 September at the St Nicholas Church in Dundalk in complete darkness. The Louth Contemporary Music Society presents the event.

In the piece, the composer continues his experiments with the possibilities of music performed in the dark, as established in Adolf Wölfli and in vain.

The composer on “In iij. Noct.”: “Darkness, however, is not present in this piece merely as an absence of light, but becomes the key theme of the work: the whole piece is played in complete darkness, the musicians can see neither their music nor their fellow performers, and are seated as far apart from one another as possible – for example they might be seated around the audience in the four corners of the auditorium.”

The LA Times published a rave review of the piece, you can find it here.

Georg Friedrich Haas: “In iij. Noct.”
for string quartet | 50'
prem. 20.09.2013, Dundalk, St Nicholas Church; EQ Ensemble

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