Universal Edition - Saxophone Trios from Around the World

2011-12-20 17:43

Saxophone Trios from Around the World

World Music

Saxophone Trios from around the worldThis collection of pieces presents quite a choice for saxophonists. Florian Bramböck has brought together various musical styles and genres from around the world: the numerous aspects of Afro-Latin Jazz, Celtic music, alpine folk songs and Klezmer. This includes: Rio by Night, Pata Pata, Bei mir bist du schean, Danny Boy, Mardi Gras and more.

The pieces will suit middle-grade players and all three parts are well balanced. The original compositions and the arrangements of popular melodies bring a whole variety of new tonal and rhythmic elements into play, improving technique and the necessary skills for ensemble playing. Above all else however, this lively and stylistically varied music will be enjoyed by all.


Florian Bramböck
Saxophone Trios from around the world
for three saxophones AAT(A)
UE 35030

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