Universal Edition - Haas’ opera Nacht in Lucerne

2011-09-16 09:21

Haas’ opera Nacht in Lucerne

Lucerne Festival

Georg Friedrich Haas’ opera Nacht [night] deals with identity and memory; with knowledge and guilt; and with the loss of utopias, both political and private. “For me, the term ‘Night’ is not connected with any romantic ideals, but with the loss of reality and with hopelessness, with intellectual ‘derangement’ [in German ‘Um-Nachtung’], with the loss of utopias” (Haas' thoughts on the main focus of the Lucerne Festival 2011).

Jürg Henneberger conducts the chamber opera on 16 Sep with the Ensemble DIAGONAL at the Lucerne Festival. Stage direction is by Desirée Meiser.

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