Universal Edition - K2016 for piano

2017-04-10 11:08

K2016 for piano

K2016 für KlavierIt has always been a challenge to write educational piano pieces that can stand on their own and be appreciated as musical works of art in addition to their pedagogical purpose. The aim is to combine didactic intentions and a certain level of technical difficulty, without the limitations causing a compromise in aesthetic appeal.
The authors of this book succeeded, all of them are prizewinners of the Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition. First prize was awarded to Matius Shan-Boone for his work Six Views from my Window. Second prize went to Peter Yarde Martin for The Five Elements and Daniel Serrano Garcia won third prize for Sonetos. Honourable mentions went to the composers Davide Coppola and Emre Sihan Kaleli.
Players, teachers and students now have a third volume of new piano music to complement K2010 and K2013.

K2016 for piano – Mauricio Kagel Composition Competition 2016

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