Universal Edition - Lulu in Erfurt

2011-06-07 10:55

Lulu in Erfurt

New version of the third act by Eberhard Kloke

Alban Berg left his opera Lulu unfinished. His untimely death in 1935 prevented him from completing the orchestration for the third act, which he left as a short score. The first two acts received their posthumous world première in 1937 in Zurich.

The first performance of the whole opera took place in Paris in 1979. That version, created by Friedrich Cerha, offers performers the choice of two or three acts.

Another version joined the repertoire in Copenhagen in October 2010. Eberhard Kloke has developed a type of ‘modular system’ for Act 3, allowing performers to structure the scenes and dramatic flow more freely, with the aim of streamlining the act.

The German première of Kloke's version will be given at the Erfurt Theatre on 13 June in a production by Saskia Kuhlmann.

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