Universal Edition - Mahler Interviews on Tour

2011-02-22 09:53

Mahler Interviews on Tour

Simon RattleA year ago we started a project to interview the most important Mahler-conductors and to ask them about their personal relationship to this “contemporary of the future”, as Kurt Blaukopf regarded Mahler. The results can be seen online in our Mahler-Blog. The interviews illuminate the phenomenon that is Mahler from the most contrasting perspectives, but at the same time give a very intimate insight into the conductor’s craft.

Our Mahler video interviews are now also going to be shown at various important concert halls. The Vienna Konzerthaus will be showing them from the 14th May until the 21st June as part of the International Musikfest, and the Gewandhaus in Leipzig as part of their international Mahler-Festival (17–29 May). The Munich Theatre Museum’s Mahler exhibition will also be showing the interviews.

Please contact us if you are interested in using the interviews at your institution.

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