Universal Edition - Music for Schools Bestsellers Catalogue 11 – 17 years

2010-10-05 15:52

Music for Schools Bestsellers Catalogue 11 – 17 years

Universal Edition

Here is the opportunity to browse, page by page, through our new catalogue of material that is particularly suitable for music-making in secondary schools. The technical levels vary from easy to advanced and the music from classical to the lighter styles.

UE Music for Schools Catalogue includes:

  • Music for ensembles – large or small, many with flexible instrumentation allowing for the ever-changing line up of instrumentalists
  • Teaching material
  • Operas and musicals
  • Choral works from Richard Rodney Bennett to Arvo Pärt
  • A selection of unusual solos and small ensemble works especially suitable for the school concert – a special selection for Christmas is also provided

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