Universal Edition - New production of Rihm’s Dionysos

2013-01-23 13:26

New production of Rihm’s Dionysos


Yordan Kamdzhalov (c) Amit Katzir Wolfgang Rihm has always been fascinated by the world of the late works of Friedrich Nietzsche. In this piece, it is the visionary power of the Dionysos Dithyrambs which particularly inspired Rihm's creativity.

Ingo Kerkhof is the stage director, Yordan Kamdzhalov conducts the Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg.

Wolfgang Rihm: Dionysos
New Production
Heidelberger Theater
Stage Director: Ingo Kerkhof
Main Soloists: Holger Falk, Ariadne Sharleen Joynt, Diana Tomsche, Carolyn Frank, Guadalupe Larzabal, Namwon Huh
Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg , c. Yordan Kamdzhalov

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