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2011-05-24 11:14

Pathways to Franz Liszt

200th anniversary of Franz Liszt

Pathways to Franz LisztThe fact that piano works by Franz Liszt do not always require the highest technical standards and are not reserved for just a few professionals is proven by the present anthology of the Wiener Urtext Edition.

It contains works by Liszt which, starting from an easy to intermediate technical level, encourage performance rather by expressiveness than by virtuoso demands, and still allow progress in the performance technique which eventually is of benefit not only to playing Liszt.

The selection, ranging from easy pieces such as La cloche sonne or the Consolations Nos. 1 and 2 to more advanced works such as Au lac de Wallenstadt from Années de Pèlerinage, also takes the aspect of popularity within the framework of Liszt’s piano literature into account.

Pathways to Franz Liszt
A selection of easy to intermediate level piano pieces by Liszt
UT 50282

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Franz Liszt UrtextThe epoch-making works from the beginning of the Weimar years

Consolations and Liebesträume (Dreams of Love)

  • Urtext – based on the original sources
  • Clear engraving with convenient page turns
  • With notes on interpretation to the
    Consolations by Liszt’s pupil Lina Ramann

Franz Liszt
Liebesträume (Dreams of Love)
UT 50164

UT 50165

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