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2017-05-31 11:54

Piano Repertoire

Mike Cornick

Piano Repertoire 1Additional books to complement the tutor for adults and young people. Levels 1 & 2, are now available providing specially arranged favourite pieces in keeping with the technical level attained by the end of each course book. Whilst still under Mike's guiding hand, here is the chance for players to explore and enjoy more beautiful music in a variety of styles, confident that the technical levels are within their capabilities.
Includes popular classics by Purcell, Handel, Bach, Mozart, Grieg, Humperdinck, Schumann, Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Brahms, Elgar and more. Also included are traditional folksong favourites along with selections of Jazzy, Latin and Ragtime pieces by Scott Joplin, Mike Cornick and Duke Ellington.

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