Universal Edition - Rihm: New work for baritone and ensemble

2011-10-29 15:33

Rihm: New work for baritone and ensemble


Wolfgang Rihm’s Der Maler träumt (The Painter Dreaming) was inspired by a talk entitled About My Painting, which was given at the New Burlington Gallery in London in 1938 by the German painter Max Beckmann (1884–1950), in which he formulated focal standpoints of his understanding of art.

“I definitely feel an extremely close kinship to him in his artistic type,” says Rihm, adding, “that includes his position in time, his attitude, that he never deviated from the figurative – his strongly rooted, yet powerfully extending tendencies – I feel at home there, as an artistic figure; there, I sense a strong identification.”

world première: 29/10/2011
Concertgebouw Amsterdam
Christian Miedl, baritone
Asko|Schönberg, c. Reinbert de Leeuw

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