Universal Edition - Rihm: World première Nähe fern 3

2012-02-28 11:52

Rihm: World première Nähe fern 3


Johannes BrahmsOn 29 February Wolfgang Rihm’s cycle Nähe fern (near far) continues in Lucerne. James Gaffigan conducts the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

Rihm is writing a kind of symphonic echo to each of the four Brahms symphonies, and Nähe fern 3 accordingly reflects on Brahms’ Symphony No. 3.

The title Nähe fern comes from a late poem by Goethe, which has been set to music both by Rihm and Brahms: “Dämmrung senkte sich von oben / Schon ist alle Nähe fern” (“Twilight sank from high above / All that was near already is far”). The question is: how close can one get to Brahms whilst still remaining true to oneself?

Wolfgang Rihm: Nähe fern 3
for orchestra
World première: 29/02/2012, Lucerne
Lucerne Symphony Orchestra, cond. James Gaffigan

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