Universal Edition - Style Collection – Waltz Time

2017-05-31 12:12

Style Collection – Waltz Time

Mike Cornick

Waltz TimePlay with style using Mike Cornick's Style Collection. This selection of waltzes has been arranged for the middle-grade pianist to play and enjoy and includes pieces from a wide range of sources. No longer are waltzes composed only for the ballroom and many included here have become all-time favourites through the media of stage and film. Pieces such as Moon River, Skaters' Waltz, I Feel Pretty, the waltz from Sleeping Beauty and A Time for us are just a few examples from this collection.

The CD provides the option of playing along as part of an ensemble which is both confidence-building and fun, while the demonstration tracks for listening are not only inspiring but hugely entertaining.

Style Collection: Waltz Time – Mike Cornick

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