Universal Edition - Telemann Anniversary 2017

2017-06-21 09:30

Telemann Anniversary 2017

Georg Philipp Telemann

12 Fantasien für Violine soloNew Publications

The 12 Fantasias for solo violin (TWV 40:14–25) and the Sonata for flute (transverse flute) and basso continuo, referred to by Telemann as Solo, from his instrumental cycle Tafelmusik / Musique de Table (TWV 41:h4) which was already in wide circulation during his lifetime. The latter supplements the composer's works for flute already listed for some time in the Wiener Urtext Edition catalogue, and the Violin fantasias form the counterpart to the 12 Fantasias for solo flute (TWV 40:2–13) and as such represent a compendium of styles and genres of the period. Concise, sharply profiled and individually crafted, they are with their wealth of invention a treasure trove of great artistic and didactic value for “connoisseurs and amateurs“. They form as it were a counterfoil to J. S. Bach's monumental Violin soli (UT50255).Sonate für Flöte und Basso continuo

12 Fantasies for violin solo – Telemann

Sonata (solo) for flute and basso continuo – Telemann

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