Universal Edition - Trapped in the Lighthouse

2013-06-26 12:03

Trapped in the Lighthouse


The world première of David Sawer’s The Lighthouse Keepers takes place on 4 July in Cheltenham. Martyn Brabbins conducts the Birmingham Contemporary Music Group.

David Sawer on The Lighthouse Keepers:

David Sawer about the story of The Lighthouse Keepers: “father and son are trapped in this lighthouse. It’s not the age of mobile phones, they can’t get any outside help. The son has been bitten by a dog and is not able to turn on the light of the lighthouse. There is a ship approaching the rocks which is in danger of crashing – and then this all cumulates into a moment at the end.”

Read the full interview in Musikblätter 5.

View the full score.

David Sawer: The Lighthouse Keepers
for two actors, ensemble and tape | 30’
world prem. 4/7/2013, Parabola Arts Centre, Cheltenham
Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, cond. Martyn Brabbins

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