Universal Edition - Something Musical under the Christmas Tree

2012-12-17 12:00

Something Musical under the Christmas Tree

Lernen Sie im UE Komponisten Memo und UE Komponisten Quartett 33 der größten Komponisten von Angesicht zu Angesicht kennen und erfahren Sie spielerisch mehr über ihr Leben und Schaffen

UKomponisten-QuartettE Composer's Game
• in 2 Versions: Quartet Game & Quiz
• including 36 Cards in 9 Categories

Quartet Game:
The object of the game is to collect the most sets of four cards (four cards belonging in the same category). The winner is the player who, at the end of the game, has the most sets of cards.

The procedure is the same except that the requested card will only be given to the player who asks for it and if they can answer a question correctly about the composer featured on the card.
UE 80313



Komponisten-MemoUE Composer Pairs
- Card Game for the Whole Family

Get to know, face to face, 33 of the greatest composers. This popular card game, together with an enclosed booklet on all the composers, provides lots of anecdotes and information about their lives and their works. Enjoy the game and discover the world of music!
UE 45052


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