Universal Edition - Viva el Tango!

2013-04-08 09:00

Viva el Tango!

The Tango Piano Tutor

Viva el Tango!In recent years the tango has re-emerged and is enjoying popularity once again. The publication of this new educational tango album by Diego Collatti is particularly well timed and will surely be of great interest to teachers and anyone wanting to learn to play music of this fascinating genre. A brief history is included.

  • An introduction to the world of the tango with easy pieces progressing to the more advanced
  • Background information and helpful advice with every piece
  • The CD provides authentic performances demonstrating the stylistic characteristics of the tango
  • Arrangements of Volver, El flete and 21 further compositions

Diego Collatti
Viva el Tango!
The Tango Piano Tutor
UE 36000

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