Diverse: Gustav Mahler. The Conductors' Interviews
Gustav Mahler. The Conductors' Interviews
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Diverse: Gustav Mahler. The Conductors' Interviews

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  • Edition Info: Illustrations by Peter M. Hoffmann
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EUR 34.95

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In this book, Wolfgang Schaufler presents impressive interviews with the great conductors of our time in order to explore the Mahler phenomenon.


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Gustav Mahler was considered one of the greatest opera conductors of his time; he could even be called the first intercontinental star conductor. But that was not the case with his music; until the 1960s his compositions were only performed by specialists, the pieces nowhere near belonging to the standard repertoire. Today, however, performances of Mahler's music rival those of Beethoven's in frequency, thus counting Mahler among the most successful symphonists. What happened to cause that change? This book seeks to answer that question with the aid of interviews with the great Mahler conductors of our day. The discussions range from Mahler's reception by audiences in different countries to the way his audiences gradually came to understand his aesthetic as an expression of the modern human condition, its longings and its aspirations.


(…) Lettura interessante e stimolante (…) si tratta di una pubblicazione che, pur restando al di qua di una trattazione strettamente tecnica, risulta di estremo interesse sia per il lettore specialista che per il semplice appassionato, che si voglia arricchire la propria conoscenza della figura di Mahler o quella dei direttori d'orchestra del nostro tempo.
Musica+, Nr. 39 Jänner-März 2015, S. 46 (Marcello Bufalini)
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