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Urtext Primo – the new series from Wiener Urtext Edition

Urtext PrimoWith the new Urtext Primo series, the Wiener Urtext Edition bridges the transition from piano tutor book to repertoire studies. In many of the piano methods used internationally, this moment arises somewhere after two to three years of learning. This is a moment when young pianists are able to play some of the following works:

  • Bach, Menuet in G (BWV Anh. 116)
  • Mozart, Menuett in F (K. 5)
  • Schumann, Wilder Reiter (Op. 68 No. 8)

Taking this level of attainment as a starting point, each Urtext Primo book offers selected works by three different composers whose works students and adult learners might find useful in their own studies. The pieces’ range of difficulty is relatively narrow so that the volume can be used continuously over a period of about two years. This is what distinguishes the Urtext Primo series from many other anthologies.

The selection of repertoire in each Urtext Primo book is based on a thematic idea that links the three composers whose music is featured. The repertoire takes into account not only pieces from the classic canon of lessons, but also lesser known works which are in no way of less importance for piano lessons.

Volume 1 consists of well known keyboard works by Bach and lesser known music by Handel and Scarlatti. Handel’s keyboard music may still be somewhat underrated compared to that of his two contemporaries, Bach and Scarlatti, although it can serve as a bridge between the more academic style of Bach and the often extrovert sonatas by Scarlatti.

Nils Franke introduces the new Urtext Primo series

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Urtext Primo Vol. 1

Urtext Primo – Vol. 1
Bach – Händel – Scarlatti
Easy piano pieces with practice tips
UT 52001


Urtext Primo Vol. 2

Urtext Primo – Vol. 2
Haydn – Mozart – Cimarosa
Easy piano pieces with practice tips
UT 52003


Urtext Primo Vol. 3

Urtext Primo – Vol. 3
Beethoven – Schubert – Hummel
Easy piano pieces with practice tips
UT 52005


Urtext Primo Vol. 4

Urtext Primo – Vol. 4
Schumann – Brahms – Kirchner
Easy piano pieces with practice tips
UT 52007



Urtext Primo Band 5

Urtext Primo – Band 5
Chopin – Liszt – Hiller
Easy piano pieces with practice tips
UT 52009

Urtext Primo Brochure

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