Universal Edition - Musiknoten seit 1901


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New publications

  • Flute
    Bach Johann Sebastian
    EUR 22,95
  • Violin
    Trio Sonatas
    Corelli Arcangelo
    Trio Sonatas
    EUR 29,95
  • Guitar
    Marella Giovanni Battista
    EUR 15,95
  • Recorder
    Recorder Trio Junior
    Rosin Sylvia Corinna
    Recorder Trio Junior
    EUR 14,95
  • Piano
    Encores for Two with CD
    Encores for Two with CD
    EUR 18,95
  • Clarinet
    Clarinet Trios from around the World
    Bramböck Florian
    Clarinet Trios from around the World
    EUR 19,95

Audio Excerpts

Future Performances

Glagolitic Mass
Leoš Janácek
26.11.2014, Hradec Králové (CZ)
Karol Szymanowski
26.11.2014, Wien (A)
Franz Schreker
26.11.2014, London (GB)
The Cunning Little Vixen
Leoš Janácek
26.11.2014, Brno (CZ)
The Miraculous Mandarin
Béla Bartók
26.11.2014, Prag (CZ)
Jagden und Formen
Wolfgang Rihm
27.11.2014, Berlin (D)
Songs on the Death of Infants
Gustav Mahler
27.11.2014, Kuopio (FIN)
Piano Quartet
Gustav Mahler
27.11.2014, Seoul (ROK)
Anton Webern
27.11.2014, Ljubljana (SLO)
The Adventures of Vixen Sharp Ears; The Cunning Little Vixen
Leoš Janácek
27.11.2014, Brno (CZ)


Janáček Brno Festival 2014

Jiří Zahrádka‘s critical new edition of The Makropulos Case will be premièred at the fourth Janáček Brno Festival.


We have the sheet music you need for Christmas!

Horoscope Preludes

Aleksey Igudesman presents twelve contrasting pieces – each inspired by the star signs.

Jakob Lenz receives rave reviews

Wolfgang Rihm’s Jakob Lenz with a terrific Georg Nigl in the title role – offers a “perfect evening” at the opera.

Staud and Haas at the musikprotokoll

A world première by Johannes Maria Staud and an Austrian première by Georg Friedrich Haas can be experienced at the musikprotokoll (9 until 12 October).

Foerster’s Eva rediscovered

Linda Keprtová’s new production of Foerster’s Eva premières on 26 September in Liberec.

Style Collection – Afro-Caribbean

This newest addition to the series brings us some of the most well-known and unique sounds of the Caribbean. Incl. Yellow Bird, Jamaica Farewell, Mango Walk, Linstead Market and more.