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Aleksey Igudesman: The Catscratchbook – Das Katzenkratzbuch

  • for 2 violins
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st violin
    2nd violin
  • Composer: Aleksey Igudesman
  • Illustrator: Irmi Vukovich
  • Text author: Aleksey Igudesman
  • Table of contents:
    Cat Lover – Katzenliebe
    I Lost my Cat – Alles für die Katz
    I Have a Cat – Ich habe einen Kater
    Crazy Cat – Meine Katze hat 'nen Vogel
    Night Cat – Katze der Nacht
    Cold Kitten – Kaltes Kätzchen
    Hot Cat – Heißer Kater
    New Cat – Neue Katze
    Pink Cat – Pinke Katze
    Cat and Mouse – Katze und Maus

Work introduction

10 violin duets, all about cats, to challenge, provoke and above all, enjoy. In the words of Aleksey Igudesman himself… “…these are not the most conventional children’s pieces. But I do not believe that children are conventional either.”

The pieces are unusual – certainly, and they will undobtedly make an impact on young players with the support of illustrations, poems, notes from the composer and a CD with inspiring demonstration performances and play-along tracks for both 1st and 2nd violins. The poems come with the recommendation to “read them out loud before you perform the pieces and you are guaranteed a smiling public!”… and with 10 pieces including: Cold Kitten; Hot Cat; Crazy Cat; Pink Cat; Cat Lover; I Lost my Cat; Night Cat and Cat and Mouse to choose from, there is plenty of contrast.


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