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Aleksey Igudesman: The Other Seasons

  • for solo violin, string orchestra, harpsichord (ad lib.) and/or vibraphone (ad lib.)
  • Soloists:
  • Instrumentation details:
    vibraphone (ad lib.)
    harpsichord (ad lib.)
    violin I
    violin II
    double bass
  • Composer: Aleksey Igudesman
  • Table of contents:
    Spring: Because It’s Fun (Spring Onion & Pepper)
    Spring: Because I Can (Salt & Mint)
    Spring: Because It Is (Coriander & Paprika)
    Summer: Because It’s Hot (Chili & Oregano)
    Summer: Because It‘s Not (Rosemary & Basil)
    Summer: Because I’m Happy (Saffron & Marjoram)
    Autumn: Because I Know (Parsley & Bay Leave)
    Autumn: Because I Am (Thyme & Turmeric)
    Autumn: Because It Tastes Good (Garlic & Cumin)
    Winter: Because It Will (Cinnamon & Cloves)
    Winter: Because It Was (Nutmeg & Cardamom)
    Winter: Because That’s It (Anise & Ginger)
  • Remarks: The 4 movements may be performed separately.

Work introduction

Clearly inspired by Vivaldi I wanted to create my own take on the idea of portraying the 4 seasons.

My approach was a slightly more culinary one.

Let me explain. I love improvisation. And I love food. And above all, I love the combination. I venture to the market to find wonderful produce and seasonings. Then I create something spontaneous and delicious from things I find that particular season only.

To counteract and simultaneously compliment this spontaneous approach to cooking and composition, I decided to put a somewhat philosophical layer into this work. That would be the “reasons”. Yet they are not to fear. Also spontaneously decided and often emotional and if not irrational, these reasons refreshingly different, surprising and at time simplistic.

The fundamental question for me, as for all of humanity is, what is the reason we do what we do. Many philosophers have had their own theories and plenty of religions try to give us explanation, be they satisfactory or not.

My own personal and certainly easily adaptable reason is: creativity. The theme of creativity is the thread through all of our lives. Not wanting to go into too much detail, all of the reasons I am giving here are creative ones rather than rational. Sometimes even seemingly banal. Yet I believe the banal is not to be dissed so easily as long as we infuse it with our very own creative DNA.

The main “reason” for these pieces is fun. The fun in life, in love, the fun even in difficult times, the fun that super creative creatures that we all are, are able to have in spite of ourselves. So enjoy them and make of them what you will. If you turn things around, change anything you like and make up your own “reasons” to how, why and when you perform them I will be rather pleased.


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