Anonymus: Music from Shakespeare's plays

(Arranger: Carl Dolmetsch)

  • Composer: Anonymus
  • Arranger: Carl Dolmetsch
  • Table of contents:
    Anonymus : Bransle de la Montarde (A French Brawl - Love's Labour's Lost III,1)
    Anonymus : La Bergamesca (A Bergomask Dance - A Midsummer Night's Dream V,1)
    Anonymus : Branle de la Haye (Love's Labour's Lost V,1)
    Anonymus : Passomezzo del Giorgio (Twelfth Night V,1)
    Byrd William: Pavana Bray (Twelfth Night)
    Byrd William: Galliarda Bray (Henry V I,2)
    Anonymus : Coranto (Henry V III,5) ,5)
    Bull John: A Jig (Hamlet II,2)
    Anonymus : O Mistress Mine (Twelfth Night II,3)
    Anonymus : Peg-A-Ramsey (Twelfth Night II,3)
    Holborne Anthony: Bonny Sweet Robin (Hamlet IV,5)
    Anonymus : The Hunt Is up (Romeo and Juliet III,5)

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