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Beat Furrer: Gaspra

  • for ensemble
  • fl, cl, perc - pno - vln, vla, vc
  • Duration: 17’
  • Instrumentation details:
    fl (also alto flute), cl.(also bass cl.) - perc.(1 or 2 player): marimba, 3 tam-tam (high, medium, low), 1 cymbal, bongo, 2 tom-tom (high, medium), woodblock, maraca
    pno. - vln., vla., vc.
  • Composer: Beat Furrer

Work introduction

In Gaspra for ensemble (1988), Beat Furrer works with timbre and rhythmic patterns. He organises the instruments into small groups within the ensemble and lets them narrate several stories simultaneously, each constantly succeeded by another. ‘Gaspra is named after an asteroid of 5km diameter, a lump of rock, fragment of an exploding star which wandered into our solar system’s gravitational field’ (Furrer).


The complete perusal score (PDF-preview)

World première

Konzerthaus, Wien (AT)
Klangforum Wien
Beat Furrer

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