New Karl Scheit Guitar Edition

Reading time: 1 min. Karl Scheit

Both of these arrangements are based on Weiss's manuscripts in the British Museum. Written originally for the lute, these two new arrangements will make fascinating additions to the guitarist's repertoire. Performance notes are provided by the editors.

Weiss Silvius Leopold
Overture and Capriccio
UE 34487


already available:

Robert de Visée
Suite en ré mineur
UE 34480

Santiago de Murcia
Suite en ré mineur
UE 34481

Mauro Giuliani
Sonata in C Major op. 15
UE 34482

Mauro Giuliani
La Gloire et l'Amour op. 105
UE 34483

John Dowland
A Dream – Melancholy Galliard – Sir John Smith His Almaine
– A Fancy

UE 34484

Silvius Leopold Weiss
Tombeau and Fantasie
UE 34485

Gaspar Sanz
Preludio – Fuga – Jácaras – Pavanas – Canarios
UE 34486

Santiago de Murcia
Villanos – Fandango – Gallardas – Cumbees
– Marizapálos – La Jotta

UE 34488

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