Sensual Narratives: A Profile of Jay Schwartz

Reading time: 1 min. Jay Schwartz

The most conservative orchestras, the most specialized small groups, they all at some point recognize the genius, greatness, and modesty of what he does.

At the same time, he’s obsessed with how it has to be, he would never move an inch to the left or to the right. For me, he’s a Schubert of our time.
 (Matthias Pintscher on Jay Schwartz)

VAN magazine published an article on Jay Schwartz, in which Jeffrey Arlo Brown discusses Schwartz’ motivation for switching from performer to composer, his musical background and introduces readers to various works by the composer.


Schwartz (c) Alberto Novelli, Villa Massimo


On Skype, I told Schwartz that I find his work deeply enjoyable, that it makes my synapses fire and tingle in excitement. He responded that he usually describes his work as “not Protestant.”

Read the full article on VAN


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