Various: Assorted consorts in four parts

(Arranger: Carl Dolmetsch)

  • for 2 descant and 2 treble recorders
  • Instrumentation details:
    4 bass fl(2 S,2 A)
  • Composer: Various
  • General editor: Carl DolmetschLayton Ring
  • Arranger: Carl Dolmetsch
  • Editor: Carl Dolmetsch
  • Table of contents:
    Simon, Ives: The Vigin
    Anonym (16. Jhdt., England): Shall I Go Walk The Woods So Wild
    Anonym (16. Jhdt., England): Maiden Fair
    Traditional: La Bergamesca
    Anonym (16. Jhdt., England): Malt's Come Down
    Antony, Holborne: Bonny Sweet Robin
    T. Arbeau: Belle Qui Tiens Ma Vie
    Palestrina, Giovanni Perluigi da: Pose Un Gran Foco Nel Mio Petto Amore
    Annibale, Stabile: Io Non So Come Vivo
    J.D. Mylius: Balletto Tessier

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