Alban Berg: Chamber Concerto

  • for piano and violin with 13 wind instruments
  • 2 2 3 2 - 2 1 1 0
  • Duration: 39’
  • Instrumentation details:
    piccolo (+2nd fl)
    cor anglais
    clarinet in Eb
    clarinet in A
    bass clarinet in Bb
    trumpte in F
    1st horn in F
    2nd horn in F
  • Composer: Alban Berg
  • Editor: Douglas Jarman
  • Table of contents:
    Thema scherzoso con Variazioni
    Rondo ritmico con Introduzione (Kadenz)
  • Dedication: Arnold Schönberg zum 50. Geburtstag
  • Remarks: It's possible to perform Thema scherzoso con Variazioni and Adagio separately.
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Alban Berg / Diverse: Chamber Concerto for piano and violin with 13 wind instruments | UE34116

  • Edition type: study score
  • Series: Neue Studienpartituren-Reihe
  • Format: 17.0 × 24.0 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-6719-7
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08080-7
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Alban Berg dedicated the Chamber Concerto to Arnold Schoenberg for his 50th birthday, and in a letter to Schoenberg describing the work, he ascribes its inspiration to his interest in the symbolics of multiples of three. Indeed, the work is a dedication to the motto: "All good things… are three!" Performance materials are available on rental.


  • Adagio
  • Rondo ritmico con Introduzione (Kadenz)
  • Thema scherzoso con Variazioni

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