Joseph Haydn: Sämtliche Klaviersonaten Bd. 1

Joseph Haydn - Sämtliche Klaviersonaten Bd. 1

Joseph Haydn: Sämtliche Klaviersonaten Bd. 1

Scored for:
for piano
Joseph Haydn
Christa Landon; Ulrich Leisinger
Oswald Jonas
Interpretatory hints:
Robert Levin
Table of contents:
Sonate in C Hob. XVI:1
Sonate in B Hob. XVI:2
Sonate in C Hob. XVI:3
Sonate in D Hob. XVI:4
Sonate in A Hob. XVI:5
Sonate in G Hob. XVI:6
Sonate in C Hob. XVI:7
Sonate in G Hob. XVI:8
Sonate in F Hob. XVI:9
Sonate in C Hob. XVI:10
Sonate in A Hob. XVI:12
Sonate in E Hob. XVI:13
Sonate in D Hob. XVI:14
Sonate in Es Hob. XVI:16
Sonate in Es Hob. XVI:Es2
Sonate in Es Hob. XVI:Es3
Sonate in G Hob. XVI:G1
Sonate in D Hob. XVII:D1
Sonate in F Hob. XVI:F3 (Bozner Sonate)
Sonate in G Hob. XVI:11
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