Luciano Berio: Récit

(Arranger: Delangle, David)

  • (Chemins VII) (1996/2003)
  • for alto saxophone, ensemble of 12 saxophones and percussion
  • perc, sop.sax(3), alto sax(3), t.sax(3), bar.sax(2), bass sax (or bar.sax))
  • Duration: 15’
  • Soloists:
    alto saxophone in Eb
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st soprano saxophone in Bb
    2nd soprano saxophone in Bb
    3rd soprano saxophone in Bb
    1st alto saxophone in Eb
    2nd alto saxophone in Eb
    3rd alto saxophone in Eb
    1st tenor saxophone in Bb
    2nd tenor saxophone in Bb
    3rd tenor saxophone in Bb
    1st baritone saxophone in Eb
    2nd baritone saxophone in Eb
    bass saxophone in Bb (or 3rd bar.sax(Eb))
  • Composer: Luciano Berio
  • Arranger: Claude DelangleVincent David

Work introduction

Récit is based on Sequenza IX (1980), also for alto saxophone. Berio chose the title “Récit” to underline the music’s narrative character, selecting the word, as he said, under the influence of French philosopher Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005). Berio noted in an interview that the orchestra functions in a different way from that of the other Chemins: instead of further developing or preparing the solo part, it is completely autonomous. Essentially, the alto saxophone plays the Sequenza – but the pauses are longer this time, to let the orchestra unfold its own material.

The complete perusal score (PDF-preview)

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