Aleksey Igudesman: Mozart & More Violin Duets

Aleksey Igudesman - Mozart & More Violin Duets

Aleksey Igudesman: Mozart & More Violin Duets

Scored for:
for two violins
Aleksey Igudesman
Table of contents:
Mozart/Igudesman: Twinkl, Twinkle You Big Star
Mozart/Igudesman: Alla Molto Turca for Two Violins
Mozart/Igudesman: Andante Mozartoso
Mozart/Igudesman: A Very Little Night Music
Mozart/Igudesman: The Amadeus Ring
Mozart/Igudesman: Buy This Bird
Mozart/Igudesman: Born Again
Mozart/Igudesman: Rondino para Wolfgang
Mozart/Igudesman: Figure Out What You Want
Mozart/Igudesman: Concertino in G
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