Antonio Vivaldi: Violin-Sonaten I

Antonio Vivaldi - Violin-Sonaten I

Antonio Vivaldi: Violin-Sonaten I

op. 2
Scored for:
for violin and basso continuo
Antonio Vivaldi
Bernhard Moosbauer
Basso continuo:
Jochen Reutter
Interpretatory hints:
John Holloway
Instrumentation details:
Table of contents:
Sonata I g-Moll op. 2/1 RV 27
Sonata II A-Dur op. 2/2 RV 31
Sonata III d-Moll op. 2/3 RV 14
Sonata IV F-Dur op. 2/4 RV 20
Sonata V h-Moll op. 2/5 RV 36
Sonata VI C-Dur op. 2/6 RV 1
Sonata VII c-Moll op. 2/7 RV 8
Sonata VIII G-Dur op. 2/8 RV 23
Sonata IX e-Moll op. 2/9 RV 16
Sonata X f-Moll op. 2/10 RV 21
Sonata XI D-Dur op. 2/11 RV 9
Sonata XII a-Moll op. 2/12 RV 32
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