Ernst Krenek: 3. Symphonie

Ernst Krenek 3. Symphonie
3. Symphonie

Ernst Krenek: 3. Symphonie

op. 16
Year of composition:
Scored for:
for orchestra
Ernst Krenek
Instrumentation details:
2 2 2 3 - 2 1 0 0 - timp - str
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3. Symphonie

The complete perusal score (PDF-preview)

Work introduction

Soon after completing his monumental Symphony No. 2, the young Ernst Krenek began tackling Symphony No. 3. A third shorter, the piece is also considerably more streamlined in terms of orchestration. The music is more cheerful than driven – perhaps even capricious with all its unexpected changes of mood. Towards the end of the first movement, a popular-style melody makes a fleeting appearance, almost like a grimace. Elsewhere, the music suddenly takes on a dance-like feel, reminiscent of a ballet. The sky then darkens briefly and unexpectedly before the sun reappears. It is an unusual and original piece of music.

World première

Hermann Scherchen

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