Joseph Haydn: 12 schottische Volkslieder

Joseph Haydn - 12 schottische Volkslieder

Joseph Haydn: 12 schottische Volkslieder

Scored for:
for voice, piano, violin and violoncello
Joseph Haydn
Eusebius Mandyczewski
Hugo Engelbert Schwarz
Table of contents:
Flandern (Will ye go to Flanders)
Abergeldie (the Birks of Abergeldie)
Am Yarrow (Leader Haughs and Yarrow)
Im Sommer (The Glancing of her Apron)
Im grünen Hag (On a Bank of Flowers)
Das weiße Heer (The White Cockade)
Ständchen (O, let me in)
Mein Liebster (The Soger Laddie)
Heimliche Liebe (I love my Love)
Mein Ackersmann (The Ploughman)
Heimatserde (Galla Water)
Die Braut (This is no mine ain House)
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