Mauricio Kagel: Musik für Renaissance-Instrumente

Mauricio Kagel Musik für Renaissance-Instrumente
Musik für Renaissance-Instrumente

Mauricio Kagel: Musik für Renaissance-Instrumente

Year of composition:
Scored for:
for 23 instrumentalists
Mauricio Kagel
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Instrumentation details:
soprano-, alto-, tenor- and bass krummhorn (also sopranoino-, soprano-, alto-, tenor- and bassrecorder), descant-, alto-, tenor- and bass pommer (also tenor- and bassdulcian), zink in C (also clarin-trumpet in C), alto-, tenor- and bass renaissance-trombone, organ (also organ positiv), 2 perc player (each player: 2 tr, 1 small cymbal (hand), 3 hand bells, 1 brackets (bunch), 1 bell ribbon, 1 brackets (ring), 2 tamb, hand drum, 2 frame drums, 2 timp, dulcimer), alto lute, theorbe, descant- and alto-vla da braccio, descant , alto-, tenor/ bass- and contrabass-viola da gamba
Kompositionsauftrag des Westdeutschen Rundfunks
in Memoriam Claudio Monteverdi
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Musik für Renaissance-Instrumente

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