Scott Joplin: 5 Rags (Arranger: James Rae)

Scott Joplin - 5 Rags

Scott Joplin: 5 Rags (Arranger: James Rae)

Scored for:
for saxophonee in B Flat or E Flat and Piano
Scott Joplin
James Rae
Instrumentation details:
soprano saxophone in Bb / tenor saxophone in Bb
alto saxophone in Eb / baritone saxophone in Eb
Table of contents:
Joplin, Scott: Swipesy (Cake walk, 1900)
Joplin, Scott: The Easy Winners (A Ragtime two-step - 1901)
Joplin, Scott: The Entertainer (A Ragtime two-step - 1902)
Joplin, Scott: Weeping Willow (A Ragtime two-step - 1903)
Joplin, Scott: The Favorite (A Ragtime two-step - 1904)
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