Various: Celtic Accordion (Arranger: Martin Tourish)

 Various - Celtic Accordion

Various: Celtic Accordion (Arranger: Martin Tourish)

Year of composition:
Scored for:
for standard bass accordion
Martin Tourish
Table of contents:
Trad. Irish: The Forgotten Highland
Trad. Irish: Molly St George
Trad. Welsh: Beth yw’r Haf i Mi?
Trad. Cornish: De-Sul Vyttyn
Trad. Welsh: Merch Megan
Trad. Scottish: Rosilin Castle
Trad. Welsh: Pibdawns y car gwyllt
Trad. Irish: Tabhair dom do Lamh
Trad. Scottish: The Duke of Perth
Trad. Scottish: The Atholl Highlanders
Trad. Irish: Na Ceannabhain Bhana
Trad. Scottish: A Man’s a Man for All That
Trad. Scottish: Captain Campbell
Trad. Scottish: Da Ferry Reel
Trad. Scottish: The Pitnacree Ferryman
Trad. Irish: The Star above the Garter
Trad. Irish: The Killavil Jig
Trad. Breton: An Dro
Trad. Scottish: The New Rigged Ship
Trad. Irish: O'Carolan's Concerto
Trad. Irish: The Humours of Whiseky
Trad. Irish: The Magic Slipper
Trad. Breton: Danse Macabre
Trad. Breton: Tri Martelod
Trad. Irish: The Rights of Man
Trad. Irish: The Boys of Malin
Trad. Scottish: Lieutenant Maguire’s Jig
Trad. Irish: James Tourish’s Polka
Trad. Scottish: The Laird O'Drumblair
Trad. Irish: Trippin’
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