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Zoltán Kodály: Dances of Galánta

  • for orchestra
  • 2 2 2 2 - 4 2 0 0 - timp, perc, str
  • Duration: 13’
  • Instrumentation details:
    1st flute
    2nd flute (+picc)
    1st oboe
    2nd oboe
    1st clarinet in A
    2nd clarinet in A
    1st bassoon
    2nd bassoon
    1st horn in F
    2nd horn in F
    3rd horn in F
    4th horn in F
    1st trumpet in C
    2nd trumpet in C
    violin I
    violin II
  • Composer: Zoltán Kodály
  • Piano reduction: Jenö Kenessey
  • Table of contents:
    Tänze aus Galanta für Orchester
  • Dedication: A Budapesti Filharmóniai Társaság alakulásának 80. évfordulójára. To the 80th anniversary of the Budapest Philharmonic Society.
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Zoltán Kodály: Dances of Galánta für Orchester | UE35872

  • Edition type: full score
  • Series: Neue Dirigierpartituren-Reihe
  • Format: 25.0 × 34.0 cm
  • ISBN: 978-3-7024-7463-8
  • ISMN: 979-0-008-08792-9
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Galánta is a small Hungarian market-town known to the travellers from Vienna to Budapest. The composer has passed there seven years of his childhood. There existed at that time a famous Gipsy-band which has disappeared in the meantime. Their music was the first 'orchestral sonority' which came to the ear of the child. The forbears of these gipsies were known already more than hundred years ago. About 1800 some books of Hungarian dances were published in Vienna, one of which contained music 'after several gipsies from Galantha'. They have preserved the old Hungarian tradition. In order to continue it the composer has taken his principal subjects from these ancient editions. (Zoltán Kodály, 1934)

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  • Tänze aus Galanta für Orchester

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