David Fennessy: The room is the resonator

  • for violoncello and electronics
  • Duration: 12’
  • Instrumentation details:
    live electronics
  • Composer: David Fennessy
  • Commission: The room is the resonator was commissioned by Kettle’s Yard for the 2008–2009 New Music Series and was premiered by Oliver Coates on 26th April 2009.

Work introduction

Throughout the piece the cello plays against a long, held chord which I recorded on an old harmonium that resides in the garage of my girlfriend’s mother in Aberdeen. There’s something about that instrument, that garage, that day – there’s a stillness in that room, you can hear yourself. As I sat there listening to the pedals pushing air through the instrument my mind drifted to other places, other rooms…

David Fennessy


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