IX. Hungarian Dance Festival opens with Kodály

Reading time: 1 min. Zoltán Kodály

The IX. Hungarian Dance Festival opens with choreographer Velekei László’s new ballet Kodály, which will be premièred by the Ballet Company of Győr on Monday, 17 June in Győr. The two-act ballet features music by Zoltán Kodály, including his Dances of Galánta.

László Velekei about Kodály: “In my new choreography, I will not only address the audience with the play of bodies and emotions. Experience, good or bad, as well as sharing emotions within a community is always elevating. It will reinforce us, it will help us, therefore we will not be left alone. Disaffiliating from apathy, enterprise something daring; knowing ourselves hold out with the other and build something different and new.”

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