Lorenzo Troiani wins international composition contest

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Congratulations to Lorenzo Troiani for winning the 36th international composition contest “Valentino Bucchi - Parco della Musica”. Universal Edition is proud to publish his winning work Empedoclea II.

Also congratulations to the three other finalists, Jacobo Gaspar Grandal, Marco Longo and Daniela Terranova, who has won the Special Mention for the Italian music SIAE Award.

From the Fondazione Valentino Bucchi’s press release:

“A large jury (100 experts) selected scores among the many works that have been received from all over the world (the deadline for this step was on February the 7th) to admit to the semi-finals. After this, an international jury – composed of Giorgio Battistelli, Francesco Dillon, Jay Schwartz, Salvatore Sciarrino and Ivan Vandor – chose the best four works to compete for the prize in the final step. On 16 May, the works were performed in a concert open to the public directed by Tonino Battista, who led the PMCE Parco della Musica Contemporanea Ensemble.

Finally the young Lorenzo Troiani (15/04/89 Rome – Italy) has been declared the award winner with his Empedoclea II.

The finalists - in alphabetical order – with the titles of their works.

Jacobo Gaspar Grandal
(23/08/75 Pontevedra – Spain)
Rumor Lìquido | 10'

Marco Longo
(08/12/79 Trento – Italy)
L’Ora blu | 11'

Daniela Terranova
(20/01/77 Udine – Italy)
I’m vertical | 9'

Lorenzo Troiani
(15/04/89 Rome – Italy)
Empedoclea II | 8'

The winner was awarded a prize money of € 4.000 (study expenses bursary), and the publication of his work by one of the most important publishing houses of the world, Universal Edition, who has helped shape the musical history of the twentieth century.

Furthermore, Troiani will see his work included in an international concert organized by PMCE to be held in autumn 2014 in France. Daniela Terranova, with his work I’m vertical has won the Special Mention for the Italian music SIAE Award – and will receive a study expenses bursary of € 3.000.”

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