Peter Brathwaite’s Degenerate Music show in Alderney

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Learning about this period of cultural barbarism appalled and saddened me in equal measure, and as I explored the banned music, I realised there was so much that deserved better exposure. So I decided to devise a show based on the 1938 Degenerate Music exhibition that would showcase some of the extraordinary richness suppressed by the Nazis. (Peter Brathwaite, The Guardian, 27 November 2014)

Baritone Peter Brathwaite will be performing his Degenerate Music show together with pianist Nigel Foster on 24 May at the 2015 Alderney Performing Arts Festival.

Devised by Peter Brathwaite, the show is a critical song-based reconstruction of the infamous Düsseldorf exhibition of 1938, intended by the Nazi government to alert the German public to “inferior and ultimately dangerous” forms of music.

You can find an article on The Guardian on Brathwaite’s Degenerate Music Project.

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