Diverse, Bramböck: Celtic Bassoon Duets

(Arranger: Florian Bramböck)

  • Instrumentation details:
    1. Fagott
    2. Fagott
  • Komponist: Diverse Florian Bramböck
  • Bearbeiter: Florian Bramböck
  • Table of contents:
    Traditional: The Golden Jubilee
    Traditional: The Foggy Dew
    Traditional: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
    Traditional: John Riley
    Traditional: The Wild Rover
    Bramböck Florian: Tax Free Should Be All the Music
    Traditional: Danny Boy
    Traditional: Molly Malone
    Traditional: The Old Triangle
    Traditional: The Great Silkie
    Bramböck Florian: Drink Your Mighty Lemonade
    Traditional: The Minstrel Boy
    Traditional: Auld Lang Syne
    Traditional: Slievenamon
    Traditional: My Luv Is Like a Red, Red Rose
    Bramböck Florian: Dance on the Shannon
    Traditional: Loch Lomond

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