Various: Elizabeth Maconchy, Music as Impassioned Argument

  • Composer: Various
  • Table of contents:
    Brüstle, Christa
    Sofer, Danielle: Introduction
    Dunlop, Anna: Personal Recollections of my Mother, Elizabeth Maconchy
    LeFanu, Nicola: Elizabeth Maconchy - A Life in Music
    Fuller, Sophie: The Maconchy-Williams Correspondance 1927-1977
    Forkert, Annika: Beauty among Beasts? Maconchy, Walton, Tippett and Britten
    Heldt, Guido: Composer concertante. Elizabeth Maconchy's Music for Solo Instruments and Ensemble
    Brüstle, Christa: Elizabeth Maconchy and Béla Bartók - 'Ultra-Modernity' in British Music
    Matthias, Rhiannon: Maconchy's Late String Quartets with particular reference to String Quartet No. 9
    Leithold, Sophia: Erotic Desire in Elizabeth Maconchy's Opera 'The Sofa'
    Sofer, Danielle: Death Becomes Him - Elizabeth Maconchy's One-Act Opera 'The Departure'
    Maconchy, Elizabeth: A Composer Speaks
    Maconchy, Elizabeth: The Image of Greatness
    Catalogue of Works
    List of abbreviations
    Index of persons
    Short biographies

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