Various: Studio 21

Various Studio 21
Studio 21

Various: Studio 21

Scored for:
for piano
Yvonne Enoch; Shena Fraser
Table of contents:
Türk, Daniel Gottlob: Jagdlied - Hunting Song
Sarauer, Alois: Reverie (from „Spring Morning“)
Scarlatti, Domenico: Menuett in C-Dur - Minuetto in C (from Sonata in C minor)
Rebikov, Vladimir: Spiel auf der Hirtenflöte - Shepherd Playing on his Pipe
Mozart, Leopold: Polonaise
Beethoven, Ludwig van: Schottischer Tanz - Scottish Dance
Scott, Sebastian: Der Elefant - The Elephant (from „Creatures in Tune“)
Lully, Jean-Baptiste: Menuett - Minuet
Kabalewski, Dmitri: Volkstanz - Folk Dance op.39 No. 17 (from „24 Little Pieces for Children“)
Reinecke, Carl: Allegretto op.136 (from Sonatina in C)
Hurník, Ilja: Wehende Fahnen - Waving Flags (from „Ursuline Street“)
Telemann, Georg Philipp: Gigue
Loudová, Ivana: Liedchen - Ditty (from „Fairytales and Pebbles“)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus: Menuett in B-Dur - Minuet in B flat (from „The London Notebook“) KV 15pp
Garscia, Janina: Junger Trommler - Young Drummer (from „Teasers“) op. 23
Händel, Georg Friedrich: Passepied
Eben, Petr: Vogel am Festerbrett - Bird on the Windowsill (from „Word of the Young“)
Beethoven, Ludwig van: Tanz - Dance
Takács, Jenö: Wanderlied (arr.) - Hiking Song (from „Far Away Places“)
Galuppi, Baldassare: Allegro
Muldowney, Dominic: Tanz - Dance (from „A Little Piano Book“)
Anonymus (18. Jhdt): Allegretto
Rameau, Jean Philippe: Menuett - Minuet
Prószynski, Stanislaw: Herbstwind - Autumn Wind (from „Easy Pieces“)
Löhlein, Georg Simon: Balletto
Bach, Johann Christoph Friedrich: Tanz - Dance
Daquin, Louis Claude: Menuett - Minuet
Paccagnini, Angelo: In der Schmiede - In the Forge (from „Tunes and Rhythms“)
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