Ernst Krenek: School Music

Ernst Krenek School Music
School Music

Ernst Krenek: School Music

op. 85 [A]
Year of composition:
Ernst Krenek
Table of contents:
2 Themes by Handel op. 85. [A], a
Country Dance op. 85 [A], b
Flute Player's Serenade op. 85 [A], c
Sonatine op. 85 [A], d
Allegro sinfonico op. 85 [A], e
Rhapsody op. 85 [A], f
Ballade op. 85 [A], g
Nocturne op. 85 [A], h
Sarabande op. 85 [A], i
Lighthouse in the Sea op. 85 [A], j
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Work introduction

Ernst Krenek wrote School Music between 1938 and 1939, just after his flight from Vienna to the US. At the time the composer was increasingly seeking to gain experience as a teacher, not least because as a little-known musician in America, he saw teaching as the only opportunity to make a living. The efforts to find a suitable post were soon successful. Amongst various other activities, Krenek gave an overview of ‘modern music’ in the form of a lecture series with example demonstrations, while in a further course on composition he dealt with questions of twelvetone technique in greater detail. Though the students had only limited previous training in the subject they were evidently extremely interested in it. In autumn 1938 he started writing pieces for various instruments that seemed suited to practical work with students. In these works the ambition to come as close as possible to the past artistically was accompanied by the desire to find a form of interpretation in composition and playing technique that is appropriate to one’s own time. Krenek’s aim was the ‘development’of the ‘facility for musical understanding’ and, not least, the ‘awakening of the enjoyment’ of such ‘musical understanding’. The ten pieces assembled under the title School Music were thus intended to support the individual student’s conscious analysis of music history through its various stages.

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