Exile & persecution

Universal Edition has always been the key publisher of 20th century music; as such, it also provided an artistic haven for a great many persecuted and exiled composers, whose names are listed below:

Apostel, Hans Erich (composer)
Arma, Paul (composer)
Ascher, Leo (composer)
Badinski, Nikolai (composer)
Bartók, Béla (composer)
Berg, Alban (composer)
Berman, Karel (composer)
Bjelinski, Bruno (composer)
Blacher, Boris (composer)
Blaukopf, Kurt (Herausgeber)
Blech, Leo (composer)
Brand, Max (composer)
Braunfels, Walter (composer)
Brod, Max (arranger, translator)
Butting, Max (composer)
Csonka, Paul (composer)
Dobrowen, Issay (composer)
Eisenmann, Will (composer)
Eisler, Hanns (composer)
Enthoven, Emile (composer)
Ettinger, Max (composer)
Fall, Richard (composer)
Fitelberg, Grzegorz (composer)
Fitelberg, Jerzy (composer)
Franckenstein, Clemens von (composer)
Gál, Hans (composer)
Gertler, André (composer)
Goehr, Walter (arranger; editor)
Goller, Vinzenz (arranger; editor)
Gretschaninow, Alexander (composer)
Grosz, Wilhelm (arranger)
Gurlitt, Manfred (composer)
Haubenstock-Ramati, Roman (composer)
Heiden, Bernhard (composer)
Hindemith, Paul (composer)
Hirschler, Žiga (composer)
Hirzel, Susanne (author)
Isserlis, Julius (composer)
Kadosa, Paul (composer)
Kaminski, Heinrich (composer)
Kanitz, Ernst (composer)
Kauder, Hugo (composer)
Kauffmann, Leo Justinus (composer)
Koffler, Józef (composer)
Kolman, Peter (composer; arranger)
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (composer)
Kowalski, Max (composer)
Krása, Hans (composer)
Krenek, Ernst (composer)
Lajtha, László (composer)
Ligeti, György (composer)
Lustgarten, Egon (composer)
Mahler, Alma Maria (composer)
Mahler, Fritz (composer)
Marcuse, Albrecht (composer)
Martinů, Bohuslav (composer)
Mayer, Lise Maria (composer)
Milhaud, Darius (composer)
Mohaupt, Richard (composer)
Pärt, Arvo (composer)
Paumgartner, Bernhard (composer)
Pisk, Paul (composer)
Prokofieff, Sergei (composer)
Rathaus, Karol (composer)
Redlich, Hans Ferdinand (composer, arranger)
Reisfeld, Bert (composer)
Rosenstock, Josef (composer)
Schnittke, Alfred (composer)
Schönberg, Arnold (composer)
Schostakowitsch, Dmitri (composer)
Schreker, Franz (composer)
Schulhoff, Erwin (composer)
Seiber, Mátyás (composer)
Spinner, Leopold (composer)
Stein, Erwin (composer, arranger)
Stöhr, Richard (composer)
Stolz, Robert (composer)
Stutschewsky, Joachim (composer, arranger)
Szell, George (composer)
Szendrei, Alfred (composer)
Tansman, Alexandre (composer)
Vogel, Wladimir (composer)
Walter, Bruno (composer)
Weigl, Karl (composer)
Weill, Kurt (composer)
Weiss, Erwin (composer)
Wellesz, Egon (composer)
Weprik, Alexander (composer)
Wiener, Karl (composer)
Willner, Arthur (composer)
Wittgenstein, Paul (composer)
Wolfsohn, Juliusz (composer)
Zádor, Eugen (composer)
Zeisl, Eric (composer)
Zelenka, István (composer)
Zemlinsky, Alexander (composer)