Georg Friedrich Händel: Klavierwerke

  • Instrumentation details:
  • Composer: Georg Friedrich Händel
  • Editor: Peter Williams
  • Fingering: Peter Williams
  • Table of contents:
    Prelude in d, HWV 563
    Prelude in d, HWV 564
    Prelude und Capriccio in G, HWV 571
    Prelude in d, HWV 562
    Prelude ind Allegro in a, HWV 576
    Prelude in F, HWV 567
    Prelude in E, HWV 566
    Prelude in f, HWV 568
    Prelude in fis, HWV 570
    Prelude in g, HWV 572
    Prelude in g, HWV 573
    Prelude in a, HWV 575
    Prelude, Sonata, Air und Variationen in B, HWV 434.I-III
    Allemande in a, HWV 478
    Allemande und Courante in h, HWV 479, 489
    Allemande in A, HWV 477
    Gigue in F, HWV 492
    Allemande in F, HWV 476
    Entrée in g, HWV 453.II
    Allegro in C, HWV 472
    Sonata in G, HWV 579
    Air in g, HWV 467
    Toccata in g, HWV 586
    Minuet in g, HWV 434.IV
    Allegro in d, HWV 475
    Lesson in a, HWV 496
    Capriccio ing, HWV 483
    Chaconne in G, HWV 442
    Chaconne in F, HWV 485
    Chaconne in g, HWV 486
    Chaconne in G, HWV 435
    Fuge in F, HWV 611
    Fuge in g, HWV 605
    Fuge in G, HWV 606
    Fuge in B, HWV 607
    Fuge in h, HWV 608
    Fuge in a, HWV 609
    Fuge in c, HWV 610

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