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Gustavo Beytelmann is a celebrated Argentine composer, pianist and teacher and continues to be one of the most significant contributors to the evolution of the tango. Born in 1945 in Venado Tuerto in Argentina, he learnt to play the piano at an early age and, at the age of thirteen, joined the dance orchestra in which his father played violin. It was here he soon acquired the skills of a professional tango musician. Following studies in piano, harmony and composition, he embarked on a busy career writing music for the cinema, working as a pianist and arranger and performing with various jazz ensembles. In 1976, he moved to Paris and joined Astor Piazzolla on his European tour. Together with Juan José Mosalini and Patrice Caratini, he founded a trio which performed across Europe and the USA for twelve years. Since 1993 he has concentrated on his work as a composer, and has been Composer in Residence in Dijon (1995/1998) and Guebwiller (2002/2003). He has been the artistic director of the Tango Department at the Conservatory in Rotterdam since 1996, and has held masterclasses at the universities of Seattle and Bellingham (USA) and regularly at the Music Academy of Monaco. In 2008 he was Composer in Residence at the Moritzburg Festival in Germany.

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